Tony Schiavone Shares His Reaction To Learning Cody Rhodes Was Leaving AEW


Tony Schiavone has said he was shocked to learn that Cody Rhodes was leaving AEW last week.

Both Cody and Brandi announced their departures from the company via statements on social media in which they thanked AEW President Tony Khan and the entire AEW staff.

During the latest edition of ‘What Happened When,’ Schiavone recalled his reaction to hearing the news when he was asked how shocked he was on a scale of 1-10:

“10, absolutely a 10 because Cody Rhodes was really, to me, one of the faces of AEW. Obviously, he was, and as we know, Cody was the one who got me in touch with Tony Khan after [Conrad Thompson] got me in touch with Cody and that’s why I signed [with AEW]. Of course, I’m very close to the family, we went on many bus rides together to Jacksonville. I consider him and Brandi friends and I think we’re a better organization today because of him. I’d like to wish them both the best for what they’ve done for me and they played a major role in what AEW was and is.”

“After you get over the shock of it you think, you know what? It’s wrestling, it happens. This is the first one that’s left our company but it’s one of the biggest names that left our company and that’s why it’s the biggest shock. I’m very surprised, I hope he does well.”

Cody is expected to return to WWE in the near future where he’ll reportedly be treated as a “huge deal” by Vince McMahon.

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