Top 10 Memorable Debuts In WWE, Dolph Ziggler Shouts Out To Zack Ryder & More


– The latest Top 10 video looks at memorable debuts in the WWE:

Which WWE debut ranks #1 on this week’s WWE Top 10?

– Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango and the Miz in a tag team match on last night’s Smackdown broadcast by hitting fellow WWE Superstar Zack Ryder’s finishing move.

Ryder tweeted out to Ziggler as well as mentioning that he was training at Curt Hawkins’ Create A Pro school in New York. Check it out below:

“So @HEELZiggler just used the Rough Ryder on #SmackDown. I don’t think I’ve hit that move yet in 2014…besides at @CreateAPro.”

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