Top Dolla Deletes Controversial Diss Track About Jinder Mahal & Shanky (Audio)


Hit Row member Top Dolla took to Twitter on Sunday and commented on a now-deleted diss track he released about Jinder Mahal and Shanky.

The recent diss track was in reference to a backstage segment Mahal and Shanky did on SmackDown where they mocked the Hit Row faction. Top Dolla posted the diss track over the weekend and it featured references to Mahal and Shanky’s Indian heritage, COVID-19, and more. He later wound up deleting it after it received a lot of backlash.

In response to the criticism, Dolla said,

“When Jinder & Shanky made jokes about “the culture” and turned their hat backwards, and beat boxed all the things that were making fun of MY CULTURE I literally laughed, and THEY know that.

I responded with a track doing the same thing in fun with the point of entertainment.”

“Y’all in an uproar about a track that Jinder himself knew was coming. I’m over y’all flooding mentions so I deleted it. The whole point of this was for us to have a good time w/ what we are doing. If you think I was insensitive I just hope you have the same energy for MY CULTURE”

A fan saved the diss track and re-uploaded it to Twitter. You can listen to it below:

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