Top Dolla Says He Called WWE When They Fired B-Fab, Addresses Backstage Heat Reports


Top Dolla isn’t shy in standing up for himself.

The former Hit Row member, who was among the recent mass WWE talent cuts, took to social media on Friday to comment on the reports making the rounds online that he “rubbed people the wrong way” during his tenure with the company. For what it’s worth, multiple WWE sources have confirmed this.


The pro wrestling veteran whose real name is AJ Francis also revealed that he called WWE after they released B-Fab from Hit Row to tell them that they made a mistake in letting her go, even if they insisted on cutting him in their next round of talent releases.

“Here’s what rubs people the wrong way — standing up for your own,” said Top Dolla. “When Bri was released and I called the office myself to tell them they made a mistake — standing up for yourself. People in the PC told me ‘Hit Row’ wouldn’t work for a year and a half and I never took their advice.”

Additionally, he wrote about always being willing to take his lumps when he’s got them coming to him, and how he refuses to let “untrue” reports ruin his reputation.

“TRUST ME I got plenty stories I can tell about how I was disrespected but just took it on the chin like a professional,” he wrote. “Even with the video I released today it was all professionalism. But I’m NOT gonna let these BS ‘reports’ ruin my reputation. I got tea I can spill too.”

Check out the actual tweets from the official Twitter feed of AJ “Top Dolla” Francis via the posts embedded below.

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