Top Superstar To Take Time Off From WWE After WrestleMania 34


John Cena is expected to take more time off from the WWE after WrestleMania 34.

He is not being advertised for any WWE events following WrestleMania except for the Raw on the Monday after the biggest event of the year for the sports entertainment company. He is taking time off to focus on his acting career.

Here is Cena’s updated schedule with the WWE:

* March 11th in Columbus, OH (Fastlane Pay-Per-View)

* March 12th in Detroit, MI (RAW)

* March 17th in Tulsa, OK (RAW live event)

* March 18th in Oklahoma City, OK (RAW live event)

* March 26th in Cleveland, OH (RAW)

* April 8th in New Orleans (WrestleMania 34)

* April 9th in New Orleans (RAW)

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