Toronto Mayor: ‘I Was Impersonating Hulk Hogan!’


The Toronto Star reports that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claimed in his legal defense yesterday that in a video that showed him ranting was actually showing him attempting a Hulk Hogan promo.

He is being sued by his sister’s ex-boyfriend Scott MacIntyre, who claims Ford arranged a beating of MacIntyre in jail. MacIntyre was arrested for threatening Ford and the beating happened after he sent his then-girlfriend a letter that said Ford lied about the threats. He also claimed he had knowledge of Ford’s activities. A video shot in Ford’s home shows him ranting.

His defense reads: “To the best of this defendant’s knowledge the video depicts snippets of a private social gathering in a private residence and relates to a private, jocular discussion in the supposed privacy of a friend’s home where this defendant was discussing and imitating as a joke, the pre-match rant of a professional wrestler. The defendant is mimicking for the purpose of joking with friends at a private gathering (admittedly poorly) that professional wrestler in the portions of the video referenced by (MacIntyre).”

Ford claims the video was shot before he had a public arm-wrestling match with Hulk Hogan last year.

You can see the Star’s new front page photo, which mocks Ford, below. You can find the full story and the video here.

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