Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson Accuses an Ex-Boyfriend of Cheating on Her, Says she’s “Disgusted” with Him


2019 WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson went on her Twitter account on Tuesday, revealing that she was “disgusted” when she found out that one of her ex-boyfriends had been cheating on her. Torrie said,

“Just disgusted with reading about all the other women who “dated” an ex bf during the same timeline I did. Makes me wanna guzzle every cleaner under the sink.”


She followed up that tweet, saying: “Meaning I feel DIRTY. Meant as a PUN not literally.”

For what it’s worth, Torrie Wilson dated former WWE Superstars Billy Kidman and the Spirit Squad’s Nick Mitchell. She also dated former New York Yankees/MLB star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez but there is no word on if she is talking about any of these men.

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