Torrie Wilson’s New Home, Wrestler Calls Out Kurt Angle


— Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson is living in New York City with her New York Yankee boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, now that baseball season is back on. She can be seen sitting near the dugout at Yankee home games.

— Devon Nicholson, the man who is currently suing Abdullah the Butcher for giving him Hepatitis C, as well as WWE for withdrawing their contract after he tested positive for the disease, has continued to slam Kurt Angle for pulling out of the US Olympic trials. Nicholson, a Canadian pro wrestler, was on the Dawg FM Breakfast show from Ottawa, Ontario this morning trashing Angle for pulling out of the trials due to injury but continuing to work matches for TNA.

Nicholson also slammed Angle in his Facebook, saying: “Hey Kurt I’m bashing you publically. What are you going to do about it? Stand up for yourself or wimp out again?”

Nicholson previously challenged Angle to a shoot fight. He is doing so because he feels that Angle disrespected amateur wrestlers by pulling out of the US Olympic trials. For those who may have missed it yesterday, you can check out his challenge below…

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