Trademarks Abandoned By Cody Relating To “Slamboree” & “The Match Beyond”


WWE filed to cancel the company’s trademark on the ring name “Cody Rhodes” for the former WWE Superstar and now current AEW EVP and wrestler. In a report provided by PWInsider, Cody abandoned his trademark applications for both Slamboree and The Match Beyond on October 30. Cody reportedly abandoned the applications “with prejudice,” and WWE is said to have accepted this motion and dropped their opposition to both of these trademarks. Since it was abandoned “with prejudice,” that appears to mean the issue is legally resolved and over forever.

Previously, WWE had filed oppositions to Cody’s applications for trademarks on those event terms last September. At the time, WWE argued that those terms were “indelibly linked” in the minds of the public to be “exclusively associated with WWE.”

Also, WWE claimed that it was the former WWE Superstar’s “attempt to unfairly trade on the long-standing use and recognition” of the trademarks’ longtime use with WWE.

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