Tragos/Thesz Hall Of Fame Class Ballot Released


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting the latest ballot has now been released for the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Voters were instructed to choose five candidates based on their impact on pro wrestling, respect in the industry and either a strong amateur wrestling or legitimate sports background.

Here is the list of candidates:

Gary Albright, Magnum T.A., Shelton Benjamin, Brian Blair, George “Zebra Kid” Bollas, Orville Brown, Badnews Allen Coage, Al Costello, Henry Dafur, Henri DeGlane, J.J. Dillon, Everett Marshall, Mick Foley, Greg Gagne, Frank “Bruiser Brody” Goodish, Charlie Haas, Jake Hager, Stan Hansen, Gregory Shane Helms, Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley, Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis, Boris “Great” Malenko, Mil Mascaras, Kevin Nash, Jim Neidhart, Randy Orton, Ken Patera, Adam Pearce, Brian Pillman Sr., Sgt. Slaughter, Randy Savage, Joe Savoldi, Ken Shamrock, Ron Simmons, A.J. Styles, Kerry Von Erich, Bill White, Ed Wiskoski (Col. DeBeers), Dolph Ziggler and Larry Zbyszko.

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