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Travis Kelce – ‘I Was Fined By The NFL For Hitting A Stone Cold Stunner’



Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce received a fine from the NFL back in 2018 after he hit a Stone Cold Stunner on the Los Angeles Raiders’ Anthony Sherman after scoring a touchdown.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “New Heights” podcast, the boyfriend of Taylor Swift revealed that he was fined because it was considered violence. He said,

“I Stone Cold Stunnered Anthony Sherman in the endzone one time. I scored a touchdown against the Raiders. He came over like, ‘Yeah, Trav!’ [Holds arms up]. He was just exposed and I was like, [Stunner motion]. Stunner, yeah. He was all for it. You already know, the biggest thing, if you’re going to pull off a Stunner, you have to act like you got electrocuted, you’re dead. You gotta sell it. That’s half of the Stunner, you have to sell it.”

He continued, “I got fined for it. I kicked him, it’s like violence. It’s just a wrestling move. We’re not promoting violence, we’re promoting Stone Cold Steve Austin.”

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs was recently fined for having an Austin-like beer bash after he scored a touchdown during a game with the Miami Dolphins.

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