​Trent Acid’s Family Not Happy With An Upcoming ‘Trent Acid Cup’ Live Event, More


The late Michael “Trent Acid” Verdi’s family are opposing an upcoming “Trent Acid Cup” show set for October 22nd in Philadelphia. Acid used to be part of the “Backseat Boyz” tag-team with Johnny Kashmere. He passed away in June of 2010 of a drug overdose and is being used in conjunction with all online promotion for the event. According to independent wrestler Missy Sampson, his family is opposed to his name being used to promote the show.

Sampson, who was a close friend of Verdi, posted the following on Facebook, “The family would like everyone to know that at no time was his mother contacted in regards to this show. The parties putting this show on did not ask their permission to use Trent’s name or image to promote their show. Trent’s mother is completely against anyone using her deceased sons (sic) name, image and legacy for their own financial gain! GCW has accepted and apparently solicited donations for raffles, with the proceeds benefiting “Trent’s Family”. Again no parts of this were discussed with Trent’s mother and she is appalled that it makes the impression that members of his family were looking to gain monetarily from this show. The family is currently looking into legal options to stop this show from occurring and stop the commercial use of Trent’s name and image.”

Verdi’s family previously had CZW’s “Acid-Fest” shows in 2010 and 2011 halted as well. Gamechanger Pro Wrestling, which is run by Ricky Otazu, is promoting the new shows along with John Zandig:


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