Trent Baretta Returns To WWE, Booker T Featured, JR Note


— CM Punk recently filmed a commercial for Combos this week. He talked about the ad during an appearance on the Laurence Holmes radio show in Chicago Illinois. He also mentioned that he didn’t have anything against Jon Jones and said: “You’ve got to love Twitter.” He said he can’t help but to speak his mind. He also discussed what it meant to hold the WWE title, his “pipe bomb” promo, working heel vs working babyface (he’s more comfortable as a heel) and more. Punk and Eve Torres also filmed a cooking TV series appearance, but as of right now it’s unknown what. We posted a recap earlier here on the website.

— WWE SmackDown General Manager Booker T is today’s featured Superstar on

— Trent Baretta made his return to the ring last night at WWE’s NXT taping in Florida. He had been out with ankle surgery.

— Jim Ross commented on Trent Baretta’s return during last night’s WWE NXT tapings. When asked if Baretta was in shape, he stated the following… “Yes. He looked good.”

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