Trevor Lee Discusses Turning His Life Around, His Hard Struggles On His Path To Becoming A Pro-Wrestler – More


Former X Divison Champion & independent wrestling star Trevor Lee, recently sat down with Colt Cabana on Cabana’s “Art Of Wrestling” podcast. During the podcast, Lee discussed his rough upbringing as he rose above all & became successful in wrestling & life.

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

The Hardys Training His Backyard:

“Ever since I can remember, we had a wrestling ring in our backyard from like, probably until I was four or five, so Hardy Boyz were like the big ones. They would always come there to train at the OMEGA training spot or whatever. Jason Arhndt, Shannon More, Christian York, Caprice Coleman, Matt, Jeff, Marty Garner/Cham Pain, all those dudes would come through and it would just happen in my side yard, so like, it was kind of like, ‘oh, this is how life is or whatever.'”

The Earliest Memory Of His Mother:

“My first memory of my mom, my dad let a former wrestler as well stay with us and the fond memory from that one was walking in and seeing them; you know. This was like two, three years old.”

Being A Part Of A Hardy Boyz Segment:

“That was also awesome; I got to go backstage that night and I met The Rock and I told him, ‘don’t be a jabroni, eat your raviolis.'”

Lee Getting In Trouble As A Child:

“I was always in the ring younger, but, like around I’d say, middle school, I got away from wrestling. I don’t know, just like it wasn’t something I watched anymore. I was just about being a real s****y kid. It stopped once I started wrestling again, so it stopped. I got back in the ring to be wrestling again at 14 and started training again, but then, by the end of almost 15, is when I had my first match. I’ve always had sort of weird living situations all my life. I don’t need a lot. I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping on dudes’ couches like that. Sort of kind of hard times, but I was devoting every day to wrestling. Like, I had a school and a capability of training every day if I wanted to. To like, run the school, which helped me a lot and there was a gym. Every single day it’s wrestling or just going to the gym, so I knew it would hopefully work out.”

Getting Back Into Pro-Wrestling:

“My dad started to help a guy run a promotion and that’s what all started it again because they ran a show at my school when I was going from eighth grade to ninth grade and like, I played football and I started amateur wrestling at this time, but then they did a show in my school and I saw how f*****g cool it was. Like, the match that specifically did it was this guy called Kamikaze Kid and then Ultra Dragon, which is Lance Lude now, anybody know who that is, one of Ugly Duckling guys. This match was just all f*****g crazy high-spots. Like, watching it now, I’d be like, ‘ah, this is the worst match ever!’, but when I saw it then I was like, ‘this is so awesome’ because I always loved The Hardy Boyz and they were doing high-flying stuff.”


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