Trevor Lee On Eli Drake Being The Face Of GFW, Reveals Who Inspired Him To Become A Wrestler & Talks Petey Williams’s Return


Three-time X Division Champion Trevor Lee, was one of two GFW stars interviewed by SportsKeeda as of late. During Lee’s interview, he revealed what wrestler[s] inspired him to want to be a part of the business. He also spoke on the return of Petey Williams to the company along with much more.

Here are the highlights:


Who Is Trevor’s Favorite GFW Opponent:

“I enjoy working in GFW. My favorite opponent here is DJZ. He hasn’t been here in a while but he’s probably my favorite opponent there.”

The Return Of Petey Williams:

“It’s cool, cool to have the guys who started the X-Division, back in the X-Division. But you know, nothing changes because I’m still going to be the top guy in the X-Division.”

How Shane Helms’s Departure From The Company Impact’s Things:

“I loved working with Shane. It was always great working with him. He has a lot of knowledge, he’s always a funny cat. Unfortunately, he had to leave the company but stuff like that happens.”

Who Inspired Lee To Become A Pro-Wrestler:

“The Hardy Boyz. Growing up, my dad started a company with Matt back in the day, so the wrestling’s always been there. I’ve been able to watch it, see it, be around it. They were the main reason.”

Eli Drake Becoming The Face Of GFW:

“I think it’s cool to have him as the face of the brand. He’s got a good look, he can talk great, he works good, he’s a good guy. I mean you gotta have somebody in that spot.”

Are There Any Heavyweights That He Has His Eyes On:

“You know, I’d love to face Bobby Lashley sometime in the future. The whole X-Division vs. heavyweight thing, I don’t know what that means. So every match you see now is an X-Division match. Every match has taken from the X-Division style. I’m 225 lbs, I’m not an X-Division guy, I’m a guy in the X-Division. So pairing up with heavyweights, it’s not that far from me, so I’d love to wrestle Bobby Lashley. I’d love to wrestle Eli Drake, I’d love to wrestle any of those guys, just because we could tear it up. I believe I can tear it up with anybody.”


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