Trevor Murdoch Reacts To The Recent Criticism From Matt Cardona


During Monday’s episode of “Busted Open Radio”, Trevor Murdoch commented on Matt Cardona’s recent criticism of his work in the NWA, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Carona’s criticisms of him: “While Matt Cardona was trying to figure out for the last 10-and-a-half years how to get a 70-year-old man to love him, I was out traveling the world. Hitting Japan, India, and wrestling, doing what I love. But this guy again comes in and wants to bury me on everything. He wants to talk sh*t about a company that has got 73 years of heritage.

“He’s not going out here talking sh*t about me, but he’s talking sh*t about Harley, he’s talking sh*t about Ric Flair, he’s talking sh*t about Colt Cabana, he’s talking sh*t about Nick Aldis. We have the most prestigious world title in the history of this business, and I am carrying it. That’s the validation I need.”

On Cardona referencing old-school wrestling: “He blows my mind because he buries old school wrestling, but he brings it out and has a part of it every time. Just like the Mick Moley shirt. Like, what do you get out of talking s**t to Mick Foley? One of the toughest guys in our business, a guy that gave his body to the business. Your way of thanking him is going out and saying f**k you? Come on, man.”

On what will happen should they meet: “You know what, I am going to handle my business, I am going to be a professional. That’s the thing, I represent not just myself, I represent a whole company, I represent an idea. So I am going to be a professional. But once the bell rings, you can’t depend on too many Twitter followers, you’re not going to be able to depend on some stupid ass story that you only told half of. You can’t whine, and b*tch, and moan about standing across from the fat man that’s about to whip your ass.”

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