Trevor Murdoch Responds To Criticism Of NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus


Trevor Murdoch has no problem with Tyrus holding the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship and has defended the man who dethroned him from criticism.

Tyrus captured the title at NWA Hard Times 3, defeating Murdoch in a triple-threat match that included Matt Cardona.


The former Brodus Clay has faced criticism for his relaxed schedule, with his win in November 2022 being just his eleventh match of that year.

There is also a belief that Tyrus’ win came about due to his role on FOX programming and the idea that he can bring the NWA brand to a much wider audience.

Speaking to the Wrestling Epicenter, Murdoch spoke about the criticism against Tyrus. He said,

“He carries that World title with pride. He carries it with honor, and to be honest with you, all those people that were complaining, like it’s funny, they do it all from afar.

“They wouldn’t legitimately talk this sh*t to this man face-to-face because they know what kind of monster that man is, and I say that respectfully and professionally. I’ve stood in the ring with him. I’ve got plenty of pictures going nose-to-nose with that big motherf***er.”

Murdoch also refuted the idea that Tyrus’ win has anything to do with FOX News, saying the NWA gold goes to who is the best of the best in the promotion.

Since his win in November, Tyrus has had one six-man tag-team match and is yet to make a title defense.

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