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Trevor Murdoch – ‘Triple H Asked Me & Lance Cade To Keep An Eye Out For VKM’



During a recent appearance on the “Under the Ring” podcast, Trevor Murdoch revealed that Triple H once asked him and Lance Cade to watch his back during a match when the Voodoo Kin Mafia were a thing in TNA.

For those unaware, the Voodoo Kin Mafia consisted of Road Dogg & Billy Gunn, who often took shots at WWE, Triple H, and Vince McMahon on TNA television. Murdoch said,

“Lance and I kind of get a reputation in WWE. ‘You mess with one, you mess with the other. It’s in your best interest to leave them both alone.’ There was a time where, back in the day, when Triple H wasn’t on the greatest terms with Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. We were doing a house show, and Billy and Road Dogg were doing a signing down the road. They had sent a message that when Hunter came out for his match, they were going to hit the ring and kick his ass.”

He continued, “Hunter comes up to us, we didn’t know anything about this, Hunter comes up to us and explains the whole story to us. ‘I want you guys to watch my match.’ We’re young guys, ‘Of course we’ll watch your match.’ He explained the story and we were like, ‘Of course.’ ‘As soon as you see those guys hop over the rail, you come out there and you eat their lunch.’ We watch the match, they didn’t show up, nothing happened, but it really signified to us that they knew we would go in and take care of business when we were told.”

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