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Trey Miguel Reveals When He Found out He Was Signed by IMPACT Wrestling


The Rascalz’ Trey Miguel was recently interviewed by Fightful to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Finding out he was signed to Impact:

Zach[ary Wentz] calls me and goes, “Hey, bud, guess what?” and I was sleeping at the time. So, I wake up and I’m like, “Yeah?” He goes, “Guess who got signed to IMPACT, bud?” I was just like, “That’s good for you, man.” But, I mean, I’m tired, man. You know? I really didn’t get any sleep overnight and he didn’t say, “We got signed.”

He’s like, “Hey, man, guess who got signed? I did,” and I’m like, “Ugh, I’m going back to bed.” He goes, “Why do you sound so down?” and I go, “I mean, it’s good for you, man, what am I gonna do? That and I was kinda sleepin’, bro, you just woke me up.” He goes, “Well, they’re gonna sign you, too.” I was like, “You coulda thrown that in there.

You coulda said ‘Hey, guess what few guys are getting signed to IMPACT?’” It was so crappy ‘cause I was not happy for him in that moment. I was so mad that he woke me up. I was so mad that he woke me up, “I don’t care about you and your contract to television, Zach!

Being told not to tell anyone:

It’s like finding out that Santa’s not real and you’re not allowed to tell your little brothers and sisters. It’s like having the coolest news and no one can find out about it. Like, you won a lottery ticket, but you know if you go tell anyone that it’s in your pocket, you’re gonna get robbed. It’s kind of like that. You just want to tell everyone. It’s so exciting. We weren’t allowed to say a single thing. Couldn’t drop a dime.

Impact vs. PWG:

They’re two different worlds. I’ve only worked for PWG a handful of times and I remember at the end of my debut, I looked up at the ceiling and we’re in the Globe Theatre in downtown L.A, I’m looking at the artwork on the ceiling. We’re hearing the crowd bang on the apron, “This was awesome!” It’s a different sense of the term ‘I made it.’

I feel like you can make it so far in independent wrestling and you can make it to the top of independent wrestling and make it to the top of contracts in professional wrestling, and it’ll be two completely different feelings. I haven’t made it to the top of contracts in professional wrestling, but I can only imagine what that’ll be like. But, making it to PWG was probably my biggest independent wrestling goal.

So, debuting there against the two gentlemen that I did meant the world to me. I cried at the end of that match. It was the first match I ever shed tears in the ring for and then uh… I mean, I just… I’m going speechless again. It still means so much to me and that experience, it was amazing.

His newfound popularity:

Have you ever shown up to a party that people were expecting you to be at? It’s kinda like that. You show up late, and everyone’s like, “Dude! You made it!” It’s kind of like that feeling. It’s like showing up to your own party. It feels really cool to be recognized.

Especially, you spend a lot of time on the independents maybe not getting some of the notoriety that you’re hungry for, not getting some of the eyes on you that you wish you had. Like you said, it feels very validating to show up, receive the love and support and all of the welcome. It’s truly welcoming.

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