Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Talk WWE at VidCon (VIDEO)


WWE uploaded a YouTube video of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H talking about their experience at VidCon.

In the video, Triple H does a wonderful job of comparing the world of online creators and influencers to the job of WWE superstars:

They all work together and connect together to grab their audience and somebody else’s audience and connect their audience to theirs and you know vice versa. It really is just this networking of team and community and that’s really what WWE is at its core. Without your opponent in the ring, you have nothing. Without the others around you, there’s no show without the fans there is no WWE. It all works in conjunction with each other and when that all connects, it’s magic.
And I think that Steph said it’s really cool to come to something like this and learn something new. At a different level of how you can connect into these worlds and also, this will sound. wrong but this is like the ultimate nerd-a-palooza in that, no matter what your nerdism is, it exists here… And when you begin to connect all of that together, no matter how small your niche is, you realize that you can connect that to larger groups and it all interconnects and I think that is an important piece here, so that when you talk about the WWE Universe, no matter what your interest level is in WWE, no matter how different you are or feel you are than everybody else there’s something that connects you to another group within WWE.

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