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NewsTriple H and Tyson Fury On Speculation That Fury Is Making $15...

Triple H and Tyson Fury On Speculation That Fury Is Making $15 Million For Crown Jewel



As previously reported here on eWN, Triple H and Tyson Fury would be guests on today’s episode of Ariel Helwani’s MMA show.

Last week it was reported by The Daily Mail that Tyson Fury was making $15 million for his upcoming match at Crown Jewel and could potentially make $20 million for a follow-up match.

During their appearance on ‘The Helwani Show’, Tyson Fury and Triple H would discuss the upcoming match as well as these reports. Check out the highlights from their comments below:

Triple H on whether it’s a one-match deal or a longer-term thing: “Well, I think when you’re the type of entertainer he is, like I said it’s easy to see how he fits into what we do. And getting him down to the Performance Center in Orlando where we train, it’s easy to see how athletically for him is such an easy fit. We’ll see. For right now, like he said, it’s one fight at a time. So I think you do this Braun Strowman in Saudi [match], I look forward to supporting him down the road in February hopefully with the Wilder fight. And we’ll see where it goes from there. When you have this level of personality, this level of athleticism, he can do anything he wants. So if the opportunity is there and he wants to be a part of it, we’d love to have him.”

Fury on reports that he’s being paid $15 million for Crown Jewel: “Listen I can’t comment on moneys. So I’ve read, so I’ve read. I’ve read this. But I don’t know where that information has come from. But I’m not gonna confirm or deny, because I don’t want to breach my contract.”

Triple H on speculation over Fury’s deal: “It is amazing how much people count other people’s money, isn’t it, in today’s world? Yeah, look, you can make an argument at right now that, if you said, what are the four big sports in America, you can make an argument that we’re right there. This is a moment in time. And to his point, I’m not gonna confirm or deny, but the positioning of what we are, it’s no different than any other sport. We’re not the size of the NFL or anything like that, but what we do is up there.”

On other boxers who came in like Mike Tyson of Floyd Mayweather not making that much: “None of the other boxers who came into it [WWE] made that type of money, but none of the other boxers who came into it were the lineal heavyweight, current world champion. And they’re not the Gypsy King. So let’s put that into play too.”


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