Triple H Calls Daniel Bryan A ‘Good Little Hand’ & More


The latest in the weekly series of interviews with Michael Cole and Triple H covering RAW has been released on Check out the highlights:

On The Miz: “Monday night there was a lot of tension in the air…Miz goes to the ring, Miz does what he does and runs his mouth…is as disrespectful as he can be. And my wife comes out there and says a lot of things about Miz that are true. And the truth hurts. He’s not at the level that he should be. He’s not the superstar that he thinks he is; he’s a bit of a smartass…and when he is met with the repercussions of his actions, he cries about it…he’s got a big mouth and his mouth got shut.”

On Daniel Bryan: “Daniel Bryan is a good little hand. I admit, he never gives up; he’s the little engine that could and God bless him. But let’s face facts; he’s a B player…he led a team of eleven guys to beat three. I don’t know what you hang your hat on in your life Michael, but in my life…if I won a match eleven guys pitted against three…and he is hanging his hat on that like it is the greatest accomplishment in the history of the WWE.”

On Goldust and Cody Rhodes trespassing on RAW: “So, I will admit, Monday night I was angry. I was extremely angry. [They] come into my house, jump my guardrail, put my WWE superstars at risk illegally…I was mad. I was about to have them incarcerated, I was about to press charges and I had a human moment and felt bad for them…so I didn’t press charges. I let them walk. I let them have their moment…and I had another day to think about it…I am about doing what’s best for business…I am offering an olive branch. I am going to invite [Cody, Dustin and Dusty] to Monday night Raw and give them an open forum to let them say whatever they want to say and I have a proposition for them. A lucrative proposition that I think they’ll want to listen to.”

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