Triple H Comments On NXT Possibly Going To FS1


WWE COO Triple H recently took part in a media call and answered several professional wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Possibly bringing NXT to FS1: “I don’t know,” Triple H said. “Right now we’re concentrating on the deals we have and where we’ll be next year when SmackDown moves to Fox.

“I think time will tell and time will see right now NXT has a very good home on the [WWE] Network. People seem to enjoy it, but who knows? I would never want to say never, especially around here.”

Idea of splitting NXT into two one-hour shows, with one on FS1 and the other on WWE Network: “I feel like you’re setting me up for a payday off a nifty idea I end up using there,” Triple H said. “In that scenario, there’s a lot of speculation, right? Even things where I go, ‘yeah I could see that there’s a lot of TV channels and distribution platforms out there and they all need content and they should all call me. You know it really comes down to who wants what and when. I know we say it a lot, but we’re open for business and ‘never say never’ so I always kind of look at it with fresh eyes. The [NXT] show is an hour, it’s a great length. Are there weeks when I wish it was a little longer? Absolutely. There are other weeks when I’m really happy it was one hour, absolutely.

“You know I think it just comes off to where the right fit is at the right time. A lot of that is going off your guts, right? So look, we have a lot of talent, we have some time, we have the ability to shoot this, and as technology changes those costs of shooting comes down, hopefully, and you’re changing how you do things. So, there’s a lot of opportunity there. I don’t ever want to look at any of our programming — this is just me personally speaking — and say ‘this is just how we do it. This show is this long, this show is this long and it sits here, this show’s that and it sits here. It should constantly ebb and flow and change and times and all those things.

“Once we get into the Fox deal, you know certainly as we begin to get closer to October next year we’ll all be beginning to have conversations and we’ll see what those conversations bring up. We’ll see where it should be, how long it should be, all those things, but everything is on the table.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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