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Triple H Comments On Pat Patterson’s Legacy, Undisputed Era’s Progression As A Stable


During a recent interview with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports, Triple H commented on Pat Patterson’s legacy, Sunday’s WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames event, the Undisputed Era, Shotzi Blackheart and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Pat Patterson’s legacy: “Yeah, man, yesterday was a tough day. Pat could be, you know, if you made a list of the most influential people in this business, and I’m not just talking about your in-ring career. Everything. Soup to nuts. From the moment you get into it to the time you’re not in it. Most influential people: probably, Vince is top of the list, right? I don’t know how you could have anybody be higher than that. But, Pat would be… man, he’s in there as a tight second to me on that. Because I don’t know anybody, the longevity of it, the contributions to it. Not only as a worker. Sometimes Pat is kind of an afterthought a little bit on the work rate side. But, when you think about a guy that was in the San Fransisco territory for fourteen years as a top guy, in a time when you went to the same clubs every week. Man, that just doesn’t happen. To a guy that could come here and go four sell outs back-to-backs with Backlund, that was unheard of in the moment. When Bob was kinda just getting rolling.

“Then to be able to come here with Vince, Sr. and then to connect with Vince, then be sort of one of those sole driving creative forces behind all of that in the explosion of the business and of WWE becoming the global brand and everything else. His creative contributions … even then, people talk about the Rumble all the time. Just that alone. But, all the way through to the end. There isn’t a day that goes by, for me, at the Performance Center whether I’m talking to talent or producing television or that we’re writing something, or that I’m doing anything that has to do with WWE, that there isn’t some piece of Pat that is attached to it. A learning that I got from him. Something. It’s always there.

“I said it yesterday as we were all lining up to get onto the stage for the tribute to him. I said, ‘Everybody that wants to be a part of this, from crew to across the board, should come up here,’ and they all ran up there. I said, ‘I know there’s a lot of you that maybe never even met him, but trust me, this could be the most influential guy to your career that you will have an opportunity to make a tribute for.’ Because even if you never met him and you believe that, ‘Oh, I never really met Pat, he didn’t have anything to do with me,’ he does. ‘Cause everybody that came before you that’s teaching on any level, something that they had came from Pat’s learning tree. That’s not an exaggerated statement in anyway.”

On the Undisputed Era’s progression as a stable: “It’s been great. It’s interesting to see when you shift people from one side, so to speak, to the other. And it’s funny that you say they’re in there as babyfaces this time. I don’t know, like even as bad guys sometimes they were getting cheered as much as the good guys, right? Darth Vader was a bad guy, but they loved the character and I think that always resonates within our business. But, how you handle that transition of, ‘Yeah, but now I’m supposed to be a good guy.’ Or, ‘Yeah, but now I’m supposed to be a bad guy,’ so you wholesale shift. That’s why it’s bad to tell somebody, ‘Hey, we’re going to turn you here.’ Because then they get it in their heads, ‘Oh, I’m gonna be a bad guy,’ and now they just start doing different stuff and you’re like, ‘None of this is working now.’ There’s that shift.

“But, they’re all so talented. Roddy, Bobby, Kyle and Adam are just so talented and the thing that works for me with them, whether they’re good guys or bad guys, is the authenticity of it. The realness of it. That unit is that unit. They get along. We shoot stuff with them at a restaurant, where they’re doing toasts and all this stuff and it’s kind of like, well, you just put cameras there and let them go do their thing because they just go be them. In a way, I always feel like that stuff resonates the most when you can see a bunch of people that are on some level legitimately have that connection to where as a viewer watching, you think to yourself, ‘Man. I’d just like want to hang out with those dudes. I’d like to be at that dinner and just have dinner with them and hang out with them because it looks like it’s so much fun.’ ”

“I feel like that’s the magic even for things like pre-game shows for football and all those things. The magic when FOX does that is it’s not the analysts and the football talk, it’s the camaraderie they have. You just want to go sit on a couch with Terry Bradshaw and with those other guys and just sit there and talk football and have a beer and hang out with them. That’s the fun of it and I want to tune in to see that because if you said, ‘Hey, you wanna come over to my house and watch a bunch of boring analysts break something down for you?’ Like, ‘No, I don’t.’ But, if you go like, ‘Hey, wanna come over to my house and listen to Terry Bradshaw tell some crazy stories with football people and talk about football?’ ‘Yeah, I do.’ And I don’t even like football! So, that to me is the magic of it. When that magic is there, it’s next level. They have that magic. It’s real to them. There’s no show. I think that’s what worked with DX. It wasn’t a show. We were just us. We all got along in that manner. When it’s magic like that, it really works.”

On Shotzi Blackheart’s work as of late: “She’s amazing, as an in-ring performer, as all those things. But, there are certain people that their personalities that resonate in a different way. When you see them, you go like, ‘Eh,’ then you take a picture and you’re like, ‘Holy cow.’ On-screen it just changes, right? She just has an it-factor and I think that shines through when you just allow her to go out there and do her things. There are those things she does, I don’t think she can tell you that she does or why she did them or that she even meant to do them. But, there are just little things that she does in little ways that she does stuff that resonate. It’s a feeling you get.

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