WWE NXT Preview (3/25)
WWE NXT Preview For Tonight (3/25/2020): Triple H!

Triple H Comments On Pat Patterson’s Legacy, Undisputed Era’s Progression As A Stable


“When we were talking about Halloween Havoc, as you’re talking to it months in advance, you’re like, ‘You know who would be a good host for that? Shotzi.’ Like, just, ‘Oh, man. I can just picture her doing this stuff.’ Then, as you’re getting into War Games, these little bits and pieces of things that you can do where it’s about showcasing the personality. You go back to pre-Halloween Havoc, Shotzi’s a different performer on a different level from where she is right now. She’s worked a few times in that period of time, it’s mostly been based on her just on-screen presence and personality. And that’s awesome, because you don’t find very many talent that can deliver it like that, with that skill set, you know?”

On Karrion Kross’ status: “Yeah. To quote him, ‘Tick tock, any second.’ Yeah, he’s there. He had one of those tricky injuries where you don’t know, and that was the difficult process for us. The separation was to a degree of like questionable. Does he get surgery, does he not get surgery? If he doesn’t get the surgery, how does it heal? Does it heal better? Does it take longer? There were a lot of questions there.

“But, he is a machine and that’s the one thing. The moment that he was injured and the moment the assessments were done, he was like, ‘Alright. Here’s what I’m going to do.’ When I say left no stone unturned everything he could conceivably do to make himself better during that period of time, he was doing on a moment-by-moment basis. Connecting with us at all times. Trying to work on every aspect of even the stuff he couldn’t be doing. In-ring. Everything. Just all in and he’s a sponge. He’s one of those guys that, again, you want to run through a brick wall for. But, he’ll run through the brick wall for himself. That’s the other thing. He’s not here to sit back and go, ‘Man, I hope this heals well.’ He’s going to. If it doesn’t heal well, it’s not on him. It’s not on lack of effort. He did everything conceivable to get there and he’s ready to rock and roll. It’s just a timing thing now.”

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