Triple H Congratulates Pat McAfee, Stephanie McMahon Congratulates WWE Photographer


Stephanie McMahon took to Twitter yesterday, congratulating WWE photographer Heather McLaughlin after she became the first woman in history to work as a ringside photographer at WrestleMania. She said,

“This past weekend Heather McLaughlin made history as the first female to shoot #WrestleMania ringside for @WWE. Proud to have you on our team, Heather!”

You can check out a new preview clip from WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures below. The show will debut tomorrow night on A&E at 10PM EST:

As seen during last night’s edition of WWE SmackDown, former NFL player Pat McAfee debuted alongside Michael Cole on the SmackDown commentary team. Following the show, Triple H took to Twitter to congratulate him. He said,

“A man of many talents and a drive to make anything possible, congratulations to @PatMcAfeeShow for his first night on #Smackdown commentary! #FirstDayOnTheJob #PatsUpToSomethin.”

Pat McAfee responded to Triple H’s tweet, saying,

“Thanks for the opportunity boss man.”

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