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Triple H In Charge Could Change The Landscape Of NXT 2.0 But Not The Main Roster


Now that Triple H is in charge of WWE creative, some believe his influence could lead to NXT 2.0 reverting back to its previous black and gold version. NXT’s black and gold era featured independent talents such as Ricochet, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and more added to the WWE fold. Although the black and gold era has ended, that doesn’t mean a new crop of independent talent won’t be brought in.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, there is speculation backstage that wrestlers who usually wouldn’t be considered to be main event talent in the eyes of Vince McMahon could be brought into NXT 2.0 under Triple H’s leadership. However, the report mentioned this wouldn’t apply to all of WWE as Triple H stated that the black and gold era of NXT was meant to cater to a smaller audience than RAW and SmackDown.


Additionally, Triple H has been heavily involved in recruiting collegiate athletes during this week’s tryouts as part of SummerSlam week in Nashville, TN. While there is a chance of WWE bringing more independent talent in the future, it seems the company is heading towards a new direction in looking for the next breakout main roster star.

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