Triple H

Triple H Makes a Bad Joke About Paige, She & Others Respond


During a recent interview to promote last Sunday’s WWE NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II event, Triple joked that Paige “probably has kids she doesn’t know of.” He said,

“I’d love to see them step into the ring and compete. More importantly than that, though, I’d like to see them live long and healthy lives. Edge has kids. You know, Paige maybe — she probably has some she doesn’t know of. [laughter] Their health comes first. They’re people first. This is all great but, at the end of the day, it’s not everything.”

It appears that Triple H was making a joke about Paige’s sex tape scandal from 2017. Some fans are upset with “H” over the joke as it’s well-known that Paige went into a deep depression after the tapes leaked. Nonetheless, Paige tweeted the following, reacting to Triple H’s dig at her.

“Even my boss jokes about me.. no wonder you guys still do it too.”

Renee Young, Nikki Bella, and Nia Jax came to the support of Paige. Also, Paige’s boyfriend, singer-songwriter Ronnie Radke, said,

“It’s f**k @TripleH all 2020.”

During an interview with Fox News last year, Paige said the following,

“Obviously, it’s very hard to stay positive when you have something that’s so publicly humiliating to yourself and then still to this day, this was over two years ago now. I did suffer a lot. I did. Just emotionally because at the time I was having my neck surgery too, and I had stress-induced anorexia. I lost all my hair. I had some really horrible thoughts. I had to go to therapy. It took me a while to get over because obviously, no woman wants to go through that.”

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