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Triple H Reacts To The Fan Support For Sami Zayn At WWE Elimination Chamber 2023



At Saturday night’s post-WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 media scrum, Triple H commented on the hometown reaction Sami Zayn received at the event. As many of you know, some are calling it one of the best crowds in the history of WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the press conference below:

On the hometown reaction Sami Zayn received: “For the average person or the average performer, if they were there the night before, they get a huge reaction, somewhere in my mind, I would expect, ‘tomorrow will be good, it might not quite be what it was tonight because they haven’t seen him for a long time. Tonight is the first night, tomorrow is the second time, and maybe a lot of the same people, maybe not. If it’s the same, it’ll be great, but if it’s slightly less, really good.’ For me, tonight, and last night, even just seeing the reaction that everything got, that Sami got, I had no doubt.”

On the fans blowing the roof off for Sami: “I thought (at SmackDown), ‘As good as that was tonight, he is going to blow the roof off this place tomorrow and when they see Roman, those special chants that they’re doing are going to be deafening. It’s a feel. Pat Patterson, he used to always say, ‘It’s just a feel. This is what’s going to happen, and I know it, it’s a feel. I can’t tell you why, it’s just my gut. Go with your gut.’ It was a feel. Last night, I watched Sami, I watched everything that happened, and I thought, ‘Tomorrow is going to destroy this. It’s going to be at another level,’ and it was. It’s just a feel. I felt it, I knew what it was going to be tonight, and thankfully I was right. Sami blew the roof off this place, it was spectacular.”

Roman Reigns defeated Sami Zayn to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.

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