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Triple H Reflects On His SummerSlam Bout Against Kurt Angle And The Rock


During his appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, the new WWE Head of Creative and Talent Relations Triple H broke down his triple threat match against The Rock and Kurt Angle at SummerSlam 2000. He also opened up about the strange interactions between Angle and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, and how Angle got concussed during the bout.

“As a part of that match, Kurt is going to get put through a table by me, and I’m going to pedigree him through a table. He’s going to get knocked out, and they’re going to cart him off. Except I get him on the table, I hook Kurt’s arms, and as we’re about to go for the pedigree, the table breaks from underneath us … I’m trying to protect him, but we come down, and I watch his head smash into a control box,” Triple H said.

“Now, this is where the story gets terrible because now we know about concussions and everything else. None of this should have ever happened, but we didn’t know this at the time, but, you know, Kurt goes into the back. Rock and I are just working now … At some point, we’re getting feedback from the back through the referee, and finally — it was Earl Hebner — I just tell Earl, ‘Earl, do not tell me one thing’ — with a lot of expletives in here — ‘that they say from the back. I don’t give a s**t. I need one thing: tell me if he’s coming back, if he knows where he is. That’s it, that’s all I need to know and tell me when. We’ll just keep going until somebody tells me he can come out or he ain’t coming out. I’ll figure out a finish,’” he continued.

“At one point, I go to punch him. Steph’s behind him, and I’ve got to punch, but he’s got to duck the punch, and I’m gonna hit Steph, and like, he can see me readying up for it, but he’s just looking at me [glazed over]. I know he’s not ducking. I grab him by the neck, and I pull him out of the way so that I could hit Steph.”

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