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Triple H Responds to Rumor That ‘The Game’ Name Was Originally for Owen Hart


WWE’s Triple H was recently interviewed on Loudwire’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction to talk about several professional wrestling topics. During the interview, the WWE COO was asked about the rumor that “The Game” nickname was originally intended for Owen Hart.

Here’s how he responded:

I have no idea where that rumor came from. The Game was never a nickname that was intended for anybody. I legitimately said it in a promo off the cuff, an unscripted promo with Jim Ross. We were backstage, it was an unscripted promo, Jim literally came in and said, ‘I’m gonna ask you these questions, answer how you want.’ It was right when I was turning, I was really becoming the hard edged heel.

A big term then was being a student of the game. You really want to be good at this business, you gotta be a student of the game. Just like anything else. You want to be a great NBA player, you gotta be a student of the game, you gotta watch the people that came before you, you gotta study everything. All of that, it was said a lot in our business.

And in that promo, I legitimately used the F word and they had to beep it out, the promo was so good that they were like, ‘We’re gonna keep it, we’re just gonna beep out the F word,’ but I didn’t think anything more about it than that. And then, following week on TV when I came out, there were signs that just said, ‘Triple H the F-ing Game,’ or “Triple H is the Game’ or whatever it was. The Game thing stuck.

I remember distinctly walking out on stage and seeing like six or seven signs and thinking like, it took me a second to go like, ‘That thing I said last week in that promo, that stuck. That’s it.’

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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