Triple H Responds To Jabs At Talents On RAW, More


WWE COO Triple H commented on the jabs he took at past WWE Superstars on Monday’s RAW in his latest sit-down interview with WWE announcer Michael Cole. Below is an excerpt from their discussion:

“Was it a little over the top? Maybe. To say he wasted his time – listen, I will go on record saying Daniel Bryan is exceptional in the ring. Maybe great. There were a lot of names I mentioned on Monday night. I was by no means putting those guys down. They’re all great. They’re all Legends in this business. Just like maybe he will become. But, is he The Guy? Is he The Face? Is he The One? No. I think people get lost in what I’m saying here. The reality of it is that if Daniel Bryan disagrees with the fact that I think he’s a B-Plus Player, prove me wrong.”

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