Triple H Reveals If He’s Spoken to CM Punk Yet, Talks Riddle/Goldberg Feud


During his post-NXT Takeover: WarGames media call, Triple H commented on a variety of topics, including whether or not he’s spoken with CM Punk, the Matthew Riddle vs. Goldberg feud, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

– Triple H puts over the incredible run NXT has been on and NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Says it’s been an incredible night and he’s proud of the brand. Puts over the challenge of working four shows in four nights.

– Says Shawn Michaels will announce NXT Men’s Survivor Series Team on the Survivor Series Kickoff panel. He said he wanted to wait to announce the teams so they could see who came out of WarGames injury-free.

– Triple H said he has not spoken to CM Punk and they have not had any conversations. He says Punk works for FOX. He noted that he didn’t want Sam Roberts to say “the person” and “Chicago” in the same sentence regarding Team Ciampa so that the fans wouldn’t think it’s Punk. Says Kevin Owens more than delivered as the fourth man.

– Triple H was asked, given Matt Riddle’s spear and Jackhammer at NXT TakeOver, if there is an interest in doing Goldberg vs. Riddle. He said to ask Goldberg and said Riddle didn’t tell him he was going to do those moves, but added that he didn’t have a problem with it.

– Triple H said he isn’t sure if Kevin Owens is back on NXT full-time and if he’s part of Team RAW tomorrow night. He said it’s funny how a mechanical issue with a plane can lead to such magic.

– Triple H said he has seen so many wrestlers get injured doing relatively minor things instead of the spots that seem riskier. He said on high-risk moves, you just hold your breath and hope everyone is OK.

– Triple H put over the women’s WarGames match and said it exceeded his high expectations.

– Triple H said he isn’t sure if future NXT TakeOver events will be offered as three-hour standalone Sunday PPVs. He noted how many hours of wrestling WWE is putting on and how it’s important to try and space it out in the most effective way.

– He said that there is a whole plan for NXT announcers tomorrow at Survivor Series and said there will be a mix. He said that any match that has some NXT talent will have someone from NXT representing the brand on commentary.

– Triple H put over his whole NXT team – talent, production, etc. – for the success of NXT’s long term stories. He emphasized how important it is to have good endings to stories while sometimes it’s important to leave viewers asking questions and wondering what’s next. He says tonight’s show leaves questions for the future of NXT as well as for Survivor Series tomorrow and that makes him want to tune in.

– He said more international NXT TakeOvers are a work in progress and the world is a big place.

– He said it’s amazing to see Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and the Revival back in NXT. He noted that talent comes to him regularly about coming to NXT or NXT UK shows, especially when they have a week off.

– Triple H said the decision to show Britt Baker on camera was simply the director going to the person in the crowd who had the most shocked look on her face, and that he didn’t know who she was. He said he didn’t want to get her any heat and would never want to create a problem for her. He said he is happy for her, she’s killing it, and she has a good thing going on.

– He put over the hard work and passion that so many people put in to make events like WarGames happen.

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