Triple H’s Shot At Mick Foley On RAW?, Foley Responds + More


— As noted yesterday here on the website, Josh Matthews posted the following on Twitter, noting that WWE is an “unsafe working environment” due to the attack from Kane… “Until I’m told action will be taken against Superstars like Kane for attacking me, I’ll keep a safe distance. Disciplinary action? Please?”

— Mick Foley posted on Twitter that he thinks some of Triple H’s comments on RAW were directed at him, especially the line about being the guy who “hangs around too long” and destroys his body.

Foley wrote: “HHH should take it from a guy who knows. Better to go out on top, on your own terms, than to hang around too long. YES! Just lost three times in a single Triple H highlight reel. When it comes to losing high profile matches, I truly am The King of Kings! Jees, kind of felt like he was referring to me there, didn’t it?”

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