Triple H Says He Thinks WrestleMania Should Be Two Nights Going Forward, More


During the latest edition of “After the Bell with Corey Graves”, Triple H commented on WrestleMania being two nights going forward, watching WrestleMania 36 from home, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being home during WrestleMania for the first time since he came to WWE: “This year was just so different. There was still a lot of press and stuff happening into it, but in some way, it didn’t feel like Mania. But yet, there was this craziness of trying to pull off something that big and that new in that environment that it kind of did feel like Mania in that sense. Like it was so big and so epic in just trying to accomplish that, it seemed so massive. Then, I wasn’t there for a lot of it because a lot of it was being taped and shot during the afternoon. And I went off to do a different shoot, and then you get to WrestleMania itself, and you’re home. And that was two days, but I’m sitting at home for the first time — and since the moment I walked through the door of WWE, I’ve never been home for WrestleMania. Even the one that I missed due to injury, I was there. I was there sitting at gorilla for the entire show. So, it was a surreal experience in that it didn’t feel at all like WrestleMania, and yet the epicness of it was still there because it was this undertaking that had never been done before so to speak.”

On how WrestleMania should probably be two nights going forward: “Well, I mean, my opinion is my opinion, but I think it was much more enjoyable than the eight-hour extravaganza. I think that at some point, that is probably what it should be. It’s become so big. When you think about it, in a way, it started out as a concert that ended up as a festival, and it’s this week-long thing. When you think about it in that manner now, the Thursday would’ve been Hall of Fame. Friday was Smackdown. Saturday was going to be TakeOver. Sunday would’ve been WrestleMania. Monday would’ve been Raw. It’s a week-long festival. I think that big main stage attraction needs to be those two nights in that weekend of events. I think that’s probably a change that, out of chaos comes the genius, and maybe that is the genius of it. And I know there’s been people have been saying it for a period of time, but that’s a major shift and it doesn’t come easy. I think people in the world look at stuff like that and go, ‘Why don’t they just make it two night?’ ‘Yeah because that’s real easy.’ *Snaps fingers* There you go. Two nights.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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