Triple H Says Kofi Kingston’s Royal Rumble Moments Eventually Led To WWE Title Win


In an interview with Bleacher Report, Triple H spoke about how Kofi Kingston’s performances in the Royal Rumble eventually led to him becoming WWE Champion; which happened last year at Wrestlemania 35.

On why the Rumble match is popular:

“I think it has resonated because of that excitement factor. It’s an hour long match that just keeps building on itself. There’s always something happening. Just when it seems to settle down, the buzzer goes off and a new surprise comes out and everyone says, ‘Oh my God.’ The dynamic just keeps changing for the whole hour.”

On Kofi Kingston in the Rumble:

“The margin for error on that stuff is so slim, but yet somehow he pulls it out every time. He’s a remarkable athlete. He creates these moments where, yeah, you remember the winner, but fans are like, ‘Oh my God, Kofi walked on his hands and jumped on a table.’

There used to be this prevailing notion when I first came into the company that if you weren’t winning it, you don’t want to be in the Rumble. Now wrestlers recognize you can get over and become a star. You could make the argument that those moments that Kofi had in the Royal Rumble are things that led to him becoming WWE champion. Because without those moments, I don’t know that he would have been in that position.”

On the final four of the rumble: “As the match wears down and gets into the end, you begin to see, ‘All right, here’s what they’re focusing on’. It’s almost like in football where, as you start to get to the end of the season, you realize: ‘All right, these are the teams that are really good. This team had a lot of hype, but the season didn’t pan out.

Now you’re getting into the playoffs, and we see who’s really there.’ By the end of the Rumble, you’re saying, ‘Hey, here’s your top five or six people in the company right now.’ And sometimes there’s a surprise that you didn’t see coming. Sometimes it’s exactly who you thought. When it’s done well, there’s almost nothing more exciting. You can really make it into something special.”

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