Triple H Says WWE Is Open To Crossovers & Working With Other Companies, More


During a media call earlier today to promote Sunday night’s WWE NXT Takeover: WarGames event, Triple H commented on WWE being open to cross promoting with other companies, his memories of Pat Patterson, and more. You can check out some highlights from the call below:

* Adam Hopkins introduced Triple H, who thanked everyone for their support and hoped everyone is staying safe. He started talking about Pat Patterson and said that he doesn’t know if there’s anyone outside of Vince McMahon who has had as bigger an influence on WWE and the industry as a whole, saying that everyone who’s stepped through the ropes for the last few generations has been influenced by Patterson whether they know it or not. He said Patterson was perhaps the best mind for the business on all levels and that he was very positive and wonderful to be around, and loved the business. He talked about how Patterson would love to come to Takeovers and was always one of the last to leave, with an infectious passion. He said yesterday was rough and he’ll be greatly missed. He shared some stories about how they watched the Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter Alley Fight and that everyone was watching and yelling and screaming like it was a live event, which he would have loved.

* Asked about what he learned from Patterson in terms of developing talent, Triple H said basically everything. He said that he learned the day to day aspects every day from Patterson and that he learned so many things either directly from Patterson, or second-hand from people like Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall. He said Patterson spoke the shorthand that all wrestlers speak and he can’t say specific things necessarily because it was pretty much everything and he could speak directly with talent that way. He said he’s been lucky to learn from so many great minds, and Pat is chief among them.

* Asked about Pat McAfee’s appearance and whether it was intended to be a one-off initially and whether the Kings of NXT will stay together, he said that the Kings are a good thing going and they will stay together. He put over McAfee as a unique character with a desire to be a WWE star, noting that people sometimes criticize guys who come in from outside the business. And while McAfree did play football, he has always loved WWE and football was a job, but he always wanted to be a WWE star. He says he had no idea about a lot of that when he met McAfree, but they’re the truth and he’s very passionate about what WWE does. He put McAfree over as a gifted athlete who loves doing this and he has a lot going on in his life but he enjoys it and Triple H loves working with people like that. He noted that McAfee is the “proverbial heatseeking missle” and loves to talk and irritate and mess with people, and he’s learning very quickly.

* Asked what he has plans for 2021 and if we will see fans at shows soon, he said that if he could answer that question it would be phenomenal. He hopes for it because fans are the WWE and it’s been barren without fans. He can’t wait to get fans back and looks forward to the first show when they can do it.

* Asked about A-Kid’s NXT UK Heritage Cup win and whether he will defend the cup on other brands, Triple H put A-Kid over as a phenomenal talent and said he’d love that. He put over the NXT system for recruiting talent all over the globe and said he thought the Cup was spectacular. He is a huge fan of the brand and encouraged people who haven’t to look at WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov. He said the Heritage Cup is unique and different and he looks forward to getting UK talent here when the pandemic allows.

* Triple H was asked about Rhea Ripley’s loss at WrestleMania and was asked if something changed, as it was previously said that it would make more sense later. Triple H acknowledged that the pandemic forced a ton of changes and said that it’s difficult to plan for the next week, much less the next year. Few people thought that we would still be in lockdown at this point, and he said that when you’re young it doesn’t take much to rattle your confidence. He noted that long-term lessons are important and there’s no lessons in immediate success; you don’t grow as a performer without setbacks. He said that Ripley is better know than she was earlier in the year because of the creative process she’s been through.

* Asked about how open they are to working with other companies, with the Impact/AEW deal being referenced, he said that they are open for business and pointed out their previous deals working with independent companies. He noted that there are misperceptions about what they are willing to do that aren’t accurate and they are open to the right opportunity, but it has to work for WWE in the long term. If it’s good for business then they’ll look into it.

* Asked about Danny Burch, Triple H said that he’s always been a guy who looks the role, is the role, and has a believability to his work because of that. He says Burch is consistent and can do it all, but performers like him tend to fly under the radar. He says Burch is valuable as a performer and someone they consistently can rely on, and points out that a lot of guys who were referred to as perennial midcarders were major parts of WWE. He said he can’t say enough good things about him, and he’s a guy who will fly under the radar until he doesn’t.

* Asked about NXT not being involved in Survivor Series, he said it was both due to creative reasons and logistical reasons for COVID-19. They have been trying to keep the brands somewhat separated to limit exposure and that it would have taken a lot of work to make it happen, which just wasn’t possible.

* Triple H was asked about the women’s roster in NXT and said that when something is that good, you want to put it out there. And to him, that’s what the situation is with NXT’s women. He said that no one can touch their women, and they’re a bunch of badasses. He talked about the women in NXT and NXT UK, and said he doesn’t even look at it as “how many women should I put in the show,” the talent is the talent and if they end up in the main event it’s because they’ve earned that spot which is the ultimate sign of respect.

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