WWE NXT Preview (3/25)
WWE NXT Preview For Tonight (3/25/2020): Triple H!

Triple H Says WWE Is ‘Taking A Hard Look’ At How To Attract More Fans


Many fans have thought of WWE resuming live event touring as a possible reboot for the company after the difficult pandemic era. 

Triple H stated that WWE would “take a hard look” at how it can attract more fans to the product each week during an interview with Dan Gelston of The North State Journal. “The Game” said,

“It never is one thing. We see this as a moment in time to shift everything. I think you’ll see it in just the layout of everything, the set designs, the way it’s presented. There’s a greater emphasis on utilizing the spaces that we have and the TV aspect of it while still engaging the fans. A lot of that comes from the time we had to experiment inside the ThunderDome.”

As it pertains to Roman Reigns, Triple H said,

“People like Roman have been able to emotionally bring a performance that, maybe with people cheering over him, or booing over him or going into different directions over him, but that’s the beauty of what we do, to go be entertained, however you want to be entertained. As a performer, sometimes that’s difficult.”

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