Triple H Says WWE Network Is A Little Bit Better Than Netflix, Comments On His Future As Active Wrestler


Triple H recently spoke with CNBC about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On the WWE Network: “I think we’re like Netflix but a little bit better. For your subscription you’re getting live content, you’re getting special events, but you’re also getting the shows,” Triple H said.

On his future as an active wrestler: “I’m getting at a point where I get busier and busier everyday in my career outside of the ring. The lure of getting in the ring is very strong, any time I think for anybody who’s ever done this, you have the opportunity to step in front of fans and perform. It’s hard to say no. If I’m asked I’ll be ready,” Triple H said.

On Donald Trump: “We’ll be waiting with the rest of the world to see what a Trump presidency means for everybody … We’re honored as a family that Linda has been asked to be in that position … I think she’ll do a phenomenal job. People forget that WWE started out as a tiny little company in the north east of the U.S. and has grown to a global brand, she knows a little something about small business creation,” Triple H said.

“We’ve done a lot with Donald Trump over the years. He’s been a great supporter of WWE he’s been a great friend to us. We’ve had events at his building, he’s been a participant at Wrestlemania … it’s great to see him have the success he is having.”

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