Triple H Speaks On Bringing Back WarGames, Future Of NXT TakeOver Specials


Triple H took part in a media conference call on Wednesday to promote this Saturday’s WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames event in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Center on the WWE Network. Here are the highlights.

On what they learned from bringing back the War Games match last year (the first time it was done in nearly 20 years) from what was done right and what you would do differently:

“Last year, given the position it was in, it was three different groups. This has a different feel to it. This is more towards a traditional side with two teams and a straighter format. I was thrilled with last year. I thought we took an amazing concept and modernized it slightly for today. There was some debate about the roof on the cage. It’s limiting for talent. I think that last year proved that it can be a very exciting format that can showcase talent and all of their abilities. I’m really excited for it. I’m more excited about the things we did right last year that showcased talent in a way that was extremely positive. I think everybody, for the most part, walked away from that night with a positive experience of War Games and I think they will again this year. I’m looking forward to making this into a franchise and a brand for NXT and WWE going forward.”

On if he envisions the number of TakeOver specials and the length of the shows increasing heading into 2019:

“It’s supply and demand if the demand increases or, as such that we maybe do more of them … I’m not a big fan of giving more to give more. Even for me, on the length of the shows, I feel like we’re in a sweet spot. I like leaving people where they’re excited about everything on the show and when it gets to the end, you’re looking forward to more as opposed to being so burnt out and it feels like a long event. We’ll see where it goes. I do envision us probably doing some things in the UK with the brand there and doing some larger events there but we’ll see what that magic number is as we move forward.”

H/T to Brian Fritz of Sporting News for the quotes.

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