Triple H Speaks Out – Being An Executive, & More


Triple H recently spoke with the Houston Chronicle, here are the highlights…

On Becoming an Executive: “I’ve always had a fascination with business. I’ve been involved with the creative side practically since the day I started with the company in 1995. That’s the part I love most, creating the stories, coming up with the spark of an idea and seeing our talent go out there and execute it. Being allowed to be creative in your work is a wonderful gift.”

On Missing Being a Full Time Wrestler: “You’d have to be a professional athlete or entertainer to get that. I do miss the pain. Every year, I know I’ll feel like a bus hit me the day after WrestleMania. And the second day I’ll feel like the bus backed over me again. It’s a badge of courage almost. To an athlete, it becomes a point of pride, how beat up you feel the next day. It means you left everything on the playing field.”

On WrestleMania: “This WrestleMania will be the biggest single night in our industry’s history, but we’re just scratching the surface of where we’re going. We’re into movies, publishing, and creating our own television network later this year.”

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