Triple H Speaks On Tommaso Ciampa’s Injury, Jim Ross Being Back In WWE, Hideo Itami’s Future, More


Triple H took part in a conference call on Friday with select media members to promote NXT Takeover: Chicago,Here are some of the highlights from the call:

* He brought up NXT Takeover: Chicago and how he looks forward to bringing the unique NXT brand to the building and its audience. He started talking about the matches and how it will be a great card. He noted that Hideo Itami is ready to make a statement after all of his setbacks thus far in his NXT Championship Match against Bobby Roode. He is excited for the Women’s Championship Match and is really excited for The AOP vs. DIY in a Ladder Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. He mentioned that it might be the last chapter for their feud. He praised AOP as he said that they haven’t been in the business long but they have come a long way and they have impressed him. He said DIY is great as well.  He is looking forward to Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne in a rematch from their UK Championship Match.

* He noted that they will provide more information on the Women’s Tournament as time goes by and that he is very excited for the tournament.

* When asked if this is Itami’s biggest match in the US and if this match doesn’t go well for him if it’s the end of the line for him. He said that if this match doesn’t work out, then he doesn’t know and that he will decide then. He noted that likes to look at things from a positive standpoint. He brought up how Itami went from being a big star in Japan to having a lot of setbacks. He noted that Itami is a good guy and has worked hard so when he got injured he felt bad for Itami. He believes that Itami is a big player and he will rise to the occasion. However, if he doesn’t go well, then they will talk and see what Itami wants to do then go from there.

* When asked if WWE plans on doing more Takeover events. He said that this event (NXT Takeover: Chicago) was more of a perfect storm since there was such a long time period between Mania and SummerSlam and it was in Chicago as he has always wanted to hold a takeover event since the beginning. He added that it fit perfectly on the WWE Network as well.

* Regarding Drew Mcintyre’s return to WWE, Triple H noted that at the time that Mcintyre left, it was the best thing that could have happened to him. He praised him as he said that Mcintyre always been extremely talented but he needed to walk away and go prove himself. He said that Mcintyre took the challenge and won it. He went out and proved himself. He noted that it’s not easy to take the chance to gamble on yourself so he respects that.

* He was asked about if the main roster callups has changed the way he presents NXT, he noted that it can be hard but it is also what the brand has been designed for. He noted that it also happens off camera and they have had a lot of their team called up as well. He said that it’s been a process that they have to go through and that he thinks they are getting into a great place with all of the projects that they have going on right now. He is happy to give them all exposure via the WWE Network.

* Tommaso Ciampa, who suffered an injury at the NXT live event on Thursday, was brought up. Triple H said that Ciampa turned his ankle and that they got him out of the ring. He brought up that Ciampa was x-rayed and there was no serious damage but rather a sprain. He said that he has talked with Ciampa today and he was moving around. He noted that he will be checked out by doctors but as of now, Ciampa is scheduled to wrestle at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

* Regarding what WWE is looking for in talent for the Women’s Tournament, he said that they want it to be global. He said that as they started to scout women, they found a lot of gems out there and that it wouldn’t be hard to fill a big tournament. He noted that that there a lot of women that should be in it that won’t make it due to them wanting to make it global. He added that they are looking for the talents in the same manner that they did for last year’s Cruiserweight Tournament. Now, it just comes down to getting the best matchups. He noted that the gender of the referee for the tournament will not depend on gender but rather their skills as a referee.

* When asked if the UK Championship Match at Takeover will be a good barometer for him as to whether the English talent in the US, he said that he doesn’t look at it in that way as he thinks the fans will see them wrestle and it will sell them. He brought up how young Bate and Dunne are and their upside is huge. He thinks that they can join the NXT roster down the road and that it’s great for UK fans to see their guys grow and evolve.

* When asked about having Jim Ross back calling matches, Triple H said that it’s phenomenal and that JR has been through a lot with his wife’s passing. He brought up how JR is and how he needs to be involved with WWE. He noted that it’s great for Ross to have to dive back into and can’t wait to see him on Saturday. He noted that JR will add so much to the product and the brand.

* When asked about how Roderick Strong is adapting to the WWE style, Triple H thinks he is adapting very well as he is great talent and a hard worker. He said that he could write a character for him but his real story is better than any fiction. He said that it has allowed him to connect with the crowd in a way he hasn’t before and that he thinks Strong is doing a great job. He added that Strong is young and smart and the future is bright.

* He thanked everyone for taking part in the call to wrap things up.

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