Triple H: “Vince McMahon Threatened to Fire DX Multiple Times!”


During a recent interview with TV Guide, Triple H commented on the early days of DX, the origin of the crotch chop, Vince McMahon threatening to “fire” the group and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On the origin of the crotch chop: “I couldn’t go out there and point at my crotch and say something to somebody. But I could look at somebody and say, ‘Man, I’m hurt really bad. It doesn’t hurt so much here’ and motion towards my face, or ‘here,’ and motion towards my knees. ‘But it hurts right here’ and point towards my crotch. And that slowly began to morph. It was like our insider way of saying suck it without saying it.”


On being threatened by Vince McMahon: “At that time, we were constantly being threatened. We were pointing at our crotch and saying ‘suck it’ and mooning and doing all this crazy shit and coming back and having Vince just screaming at us like, ‘What are you guys doing? I’m gonna fire you.””

On USA sending a letter on what DX could and couldn’t say or do: “We were emboldened by it. When Vince came to us with the letter, he was hot and said, ‘Look at this thing. They threatened to take us off the air. What do you wanna do with it?’ Vince was a bit of a maverick, too, and we were in a fight at this point in time. We convinced Vince that we should use that, and that we should say all the things that the letter said.”

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