Triple H’s Leadership Boosts WWE’s TV Ratings & Attendance Figures


It is widely believed that Triple H’s leadership of WWE’s creative team has generated greater fan interest in the product. A recent report by Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics supports this belief, as several key metrics that are influenced by fan engagement, such as TV ratings and live event attendance figures, have shown year-over-year improvement under Triple H’s leadership.

According to the report, both SmackDown and RAW ratings have increased under Triple H, with RAW averaging 1.80 million viewers between August and March, compared to 1.77 million during the same period under Vince McMahon. This amounts to a 4% increase, which is a departure from WWE’s usual trend of losing viewership each year. SmackDown experienced a 6% increase in viewership during the same period, rising from 2.14 million under McMahon to 2.28 million under Triple H.


Additionally, live events have seen an increase in attendance, with both RAW and SmackDown TV tapings selling more tickets on average during the Triple H era. RAW ticket sales rose from an average of 6,787 to 8,463, a 25% increase, between August and March in both 2021 and 2022. Meanwhile, SmackDown live event attendance increased from 7,532 in March-August 2021 to 8,555 in March-August 2022, a 14% increase. While there was a 2% increase in domestic house show attendance under McMahon (from 4,436 to 4,357), it is attributed solely to the post-pandemic surge in August 2022, suggesting pent-up demand for shows.

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