Trish Stratus Comments On A Potential Match With Sasha Banks, More


During a recent interview with the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast, Trish Stratus commented on working a possible match with Sasha Banks, her RAW main event with Lita, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On a potential match vs. Sasha Banks: “Prime or even not prime, I feel like Sasha and I have this thing that I think fans want to see, and I think deep down, I would like to see. I love her so much. I respect her as a person, as an athlete, as a performer, and as a friend. I love what she does in the ring. Sometimes you get in the ring and you notice it. When you get in the ring sometimes, you just have this thing. That’s the thing [Lita] and I had. Mickie [James] and I had it, Victoria and I had it. It’s just something that when you get in there, it’s like, ‘Something is gonna happen.’ The Rock-Austin, that kind of thing. We had a simple faceoff at the Royal Rumble, and we’re still buzzing about it and talking about it like it’s a dream match. I have always said ever since I retired was that if there was an opportunity for me to go back, it would be for something that was challenging and stimulating and something that fans wanted. Something that is exciting and it does something for both parties involved. So, she kind of fits the bill in that regard.”

On her interest in returning to WWE in a producer role: “I would love to. I love the idea of it. The reality is it comes with the road, and I just can’t do the road because of my family at this point anyway. They’re young now. I have a three-year-old and Max just turned 7. So at this point, I just couldn’t go back on the road like that and leave my family like that. But yeah, I’d love to contribute in some way. It was nice to go back those couple of times and just work with the girls and see how their minds work and telling the art of storytelling and just working with Fit [Finlay] again.

“It got me stimulated and him and I were in like this little — we just had this little connection when we were working together, and we would literally come up with ideas….you just have that with someone. So we had that and so I thought, ‘Man, we could put some great matches together.’ We would be co-agenting probably. We would be awesome but, yeah I would like to contribute in some way. I’ve talked to Matt Bloom, my former partner, about possibly going to NXT,” she continued. “We’ve talked about it on a number of occasions. It’s just like never the right time has come about to do that. But I’d love to work with young minds and that was the best part about Tough Enough was just to work with these kids and that sort of thing.”

On her favorite matches from her career: “There’s two, but probably the first time we main evented on RAW. The first time women ever main evented on RAW – that’s obviously special because it’s such a milestone for women and for us in our careers. That was really special. And also, we had been working a program at the time and we were on the road together. That was super intense fun. It was a really fun time for us and then to be able to culminate it to where it was this amazing match. Walking in that day when we saw our names at the top, we were like, ‘Is the board upside down? Why are we at the top of this list?’ And then having your co-workers around being super supportive. It’s funny because we both wore our house show clothes, and it didn’t even matter what we looked like. That was pretty special to share that. We always go back to that. And then, of course, our retirement match. To have that final swan song to do it with her – my nemesis for so long – was pretty epic as well.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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