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NewsTrish Stratus On How Her Partnership With Zoey Stark Came About

Trish Stratus On How Her Partnership With Zoey Stark Came About



Trish Stratus’ partnership with Zoey Stark was something of a throwback to the Canadian’s days as a “chicken-sh*t heel” earlier in her career.

Stark would align with Stratus at WWE Night of Champions in May by helping the WWE Hall of Famer defeat Becky Lynch in Jeddah.

Speaking on a recent edition of Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast, Stratus recalled how her team with Stark, a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, came about. She said,

“Hunter and I talked about it at one point, not necessarily Zoey. We were talking about me being a bit of a chicken sh*t heel, and what could I do. Back in the day, I had Tyson Tomko and I hid behind him.

“They brought her in, I loved the idea, we were super excited about the surprise element. It was kind of just another part of the story to be like, ‘Surprise.’ Another turn that you didn’t expect.”

Stratus and Stark split at WWE Payback 2023 after Stratus lost to Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage match. Stark would quickly align with Shayna Baszler.

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