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Trish Stratus On Whether She’d Like To Face Tiffany Stratton, Bill Dundee Is Battling Dementia



Trish Stratus has nothing but high praise for the work Tiffany Stratton is doing these days, and she’s open to a match with the former NXT Women’s Champion in the future if she’s available.

Speaking on Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer opined on Stratton’s recent work, and more. She said,

“I see the same sort of things, and she said this, ‘I have to prove myself because people expect a certain something out of people who look this way.’ That’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t say Tiffany and I are the Girl Next Door, more bombshell. There is a lot of pre-judgment and pre-conceived notions about what that person or personality can deliver. For me, I thrived on knocking down those preconceived notions, that’s what drove me. ‘You think I can do this, I’m going to do this.’ I knew I had to prove myself. Even to the boys, when I first came in, I had to prove myself to the boys. I know that Tiffany has had a similar journey, just because of the way she looks and her lack of background, just like I had, I didn’t come from a traditional background or upbringing. We are both in that same predicament. Having those chances and taking those opportunities, like she did with her Extreme Rules match, taking those opportunities and seizing them. ‘This will solidify and shut those people up.’ I love what she’s doing. I’ve tackled the ten-year generational gap. Trishy Time, Tiffy Time.”

She continued, “We’ll see [on a potential match]. I’m available at certain times [laughs]. This is always my thing, every time I’ve been back, it’s about will I have fun? Will it be entertaining for the fans? Is it different for the fans? Will I do something that will help the business? Those are the boxes I need to check. Who knows. I always leave everything open. The last box is, will I be able to perform at my optimal level? If I’m sh**tier than I was before, I’m not coming.”

In other news, Memphis Wrestling legend Bill Dundee is battling dementia.

During a recent appearance on the “Story Time with Dutch Mantell” podcast, Jamie Dundee confirmed that his father is currently dealing with dementia. He said,

“[Bill] don’t know it, but he’s alright. I mean, he’s got that dementia… he just smiles all the time like that. He just sits around smiling. I’m like, where you at, man? Where you at? What are you smiling about? What are you happy for? But they say in dementia that once you get to stage 3 and then stage 4, which is the end there, but stage 3 they say once you get there you either cry all the time or you smile all the time and that’s what he does, so I’m glad he don’t just sit around crying all the time. Seen him since the last show we did with Jeff [Jarrett] and Wolfie [D] and me and him about a year and a half ago… I called him a few times, but he don’t even know it.”

He continued, “So [Bill] told [Bill’s wife] the other day… He said ‘I’m going to call Jamie.’ [Bill] said, ‘I just saw him a week ago.’ So it’s been a year and four months… and he thinks it’s a week ago. So that’s cool. But physically he’s okay right now. I think he sleeps a lot, they say.

He’s 80… October 24th, he’ll be 80. I’m going to go see him on his birthday, if he’s still around… Speaking of all the wrestlers that have passed away this year… like The Iron Sheik, Jerry Jarrett, Bushwhacker [Butch]. There’s a bunch of big, big names. [After telling Bill] Jerry Jarrett passed, it makes him sad for a second and then he forgets and then [Bill] will mention it and it’s kinda like Groundhog Day, they gotta keep telling him over and over, so they quit telling him anything like that.”

We send our best wishes to the Dundee family.

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