Trish Stratus Recalls Turning On Her Love Interest In WWE


Back in 2004, Trish Stratus turned heel by aligning herself with Christian at WrestleMania 20.

Speaking on the “Getting Over” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer opined on her heel turn which came during a match featuring Christian and Chris Jericho at the 20th anniversary of WrestleMania. In the lead-up to the match, Jericho was Stratus’ on-screen love interest. Stratus wound up “accidentally” elbowing Jericho at the end of the match, which resulted in Christian picking up the win. Following the bout, Stratus proved that the elbow was no accident and slapped the former “Y2J” for his troubles.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what the storyline was originally supposed to be: “There are a couple of crazy things. I believe everything happens for a reason. During that storyline, it was supposed to be, the whole beginning of the storyline was for Chris Jericho and I to end up together and we were going to be Trishtopher, and we were this quirky Canadian comedy duo, which people get annoyed with but find endearing. That was supposed to be the whole thing. When Vince came to us, the night of WrestleMania, and said, ‘I think we’re going to change things up. We’re going to have…’ and he explained I would go heel. ‘What? This is so many months of storyline to get to this moment.’ We were excited about it. We thought fans wanted this, and they did, and that’s why he changed it. Fans wanted it so bad, he thought no one ever expected me to turn. For me, personally, it was a great moment and I was able to turn.”

On the heel turn: “That was the first change that allowed for something positive. Christian ended up getting injured, I hate to say it, it helped my character because I wasn’t a side piece anymore, I was ‘the one.’ It was basically Jericho vs. Trish Stratus. The guys were fighting on my behalf, maybe Tomko would have a match, but the storyline was Trish and Jericho. It allowed me to grow as a heel, work alongside Jericho, who is amazing and I learned so much working in that capacity. It could have been really good, but I think everything happens for a reason. That was my best work as a heel, and my most enjoyable time, for sure. Who knows what it could have been had Christian continued, but it was what it was, and I think it worked out pretty good.”

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