Trish Stratus Talks About Working With Snooki – Details


Wild Talk Radio has a new interview up with Trish Stratus. She described what it was like to work with Snooki last year…

“It was an awesome moment for me, watching 68,000 people boo my babyface partner Snooki, but we had a trick up our sleeves knowing that at the precise moment that she would pull this crazy backflip out, cause when we initially got together I asked can you do anything athletic and she told me about her background about how she was a cheerleader and a gymnast and I was like that’s perfect. We talked about it and worked on that move and she was like what else can I do and I was like, No No No this is all you will need to do at the precise moment. It was kinda cool to hear 68,000 people go boo and then oh wow that was cool, we will cheer you now. It was a memorable moment that changed the match up for sure.”

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