Trish Stratus Talks Junk Food, New WWE Studios Film, More


— Warner Bros France will release Les Reines du Ring (Queen of the Ring) on July 3. WWE Studios worked with Kare Productions for the French comedy.

Here’s a synopsis: “The comedy centers around a woman who has just gotten out of prison after 5 years and decides to become a WWE Diva in order to help build a relationship with her son, who has become enamored with wrestling. The woman works in a supermarket, so several of her other female co-workers decide to train with her.”

It features appearances from CM Punk, The Miz and Eve Torres. They are in the film as cameos and there are several WWE-related materials in the film, which climaxes at a WWE event. WWE partnered with the producers and have the first rights for distribution in the US, if it ever comes here. They have yet to make an official announcement about American distribution, but did announce their involvement last year on the WWE Studios website.

— WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is targeting junk food as she spoke out on their warning labels in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

In regards to what actually qualifies as junk food, she states, “The further a food gets away from its original form, the more processed it is, the more “junky.”

Since orange juice is full of sugar, would it qualify as junk food?

“Orange juice is okay, a natural sugar that your body can process. The crap in soda – your body says, “Hmm, not sure what this is, I’ll just store that for now,” she states.

The multi-time champion believes it would be a “great idea” if government officials legislated warning labels on junk food similar to those found on cigarette packages.

“I’m constantly surprised how unaware people are about what they’re putting into their bodies. People just don’t know!” said Stratus. “I think if people realized how detrimental some of this junk food is to their health, they really would think twice. And maybe it wouldn’t stop them from eating it, but it certainly might cause one to see the benefits of practising moderation.”

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